Neva D Howard

Neva D. HowardNeva Howard is a graduate of Strayer University, Washington, D.C. with an Associates and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.  She also has studied courses online with Kaplan University which has led her to continuing pursuit to complete her Masters Degree in the area Public Administration. Her first government career  started within the D.C. Government as a unit clerk working at D.C. General Hospital while receiving her education at McKinley Technical High School where she was an honor roll student in the class of 1974.

Ms. Howard is currently employed with the National Marine Fisheries Service and has served many offices within the agency for at least 23 years.  Ms. Howard served also as a member of NOAA’s EEO Committee for two years.

She’s a very friendly professional and outgoing person who always has a warm and  comforting smile wherever she goes which seems to be her trademark. Whenever a helping hand is needed in the agency or a shortage of support staff, Ms. Howard is there to help.

With this thought in mind, Ms. Howard volunteered her services for the Blacks in Government at a crucial time of need. NOAA Chapter’s President inquired of Ms. Howard’s help to fill in for the position of the Correspondence Secretary during the time of illness of the late Vice President,  Deborah Hogan in whom it was a great honor to work with.

Ms. Howard believes in the BIG organization because of it’s ability to help our communities to become strong by helping to raise funds for scholarships for students who want to make a difference in their lives and the world and helping those in need of life blessings such as food, clothing and toys for underprivilege children.  Also having the opportunity to advance in her own career and to help others to network in and outside the organization to build on their goals and careers as well.   With so much to do in this great organization, she always find time to take care of family and friends.