NOAA BIG Fund Raising Committee

The purpose of the Fund Raising Committee is to raise funds for NOAA Blacks In Government activities. NOAA BIG is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that it is a non profit organization. As with other non profit organization, NOAA BIG participates in many outreach activities within the organization, throughout the community and for its members. The fund raising committee helps NOAA BIG accomplish its mission.
The fund raising committee participates in various fund raising activities throughout the year to help generate these funds, such as St. Mary’s Car Raffle, World’s Finest Chocolate, and sponsoring vendor events to name a few. This year the fund raising committee is asking each member and anyone who is interested in promoting the outreach activities of NOAA BIG to donate $10 a pay period or more to NOAA BIG Combined Federal Campaign (CFC#53209).

Programs sponsored by NOAA BIG include Summer Camp, Scholarship, NOAA BIG employee attending BIG National Training Conference, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Toys and Clothes Drive, etc.

Thanks in advance for your support in NOAA BIG fund raising activities.