We Care

NOAA BIG We Care Committee

The purpose of the We Care committee is to acknowledge NOAA Blacks In Government members who experience personal serious illness, death, or the death of a family member.

You can be a part of this special donation and committee effort because “We Care.” You know that your generous contribution will go directly to the purpose for which you intend it—helping our members during their time of need and showing concern for each BIG member’s well being.

On behalf of NOAA Blacks In Government, I want to thank you in advance for your donation. Please donate to “We Care” committee by contacting one of the “We Care” committee members.

We Care Committee Members:

• Theresa Berry (Chair)

• Carrie Edwards

NOAA Chapter Blacks In Government (BIG) is requesting your support to the “We Care” BIG Committee. We ask that you make a donation of at least $10 each year to maintain “We Care” funds.