Juneteenth Celebration and NOAA Awards Ceremony

The NOAA BIG Chapter is preparing an informative Black History program on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.

NOAA BIG is requesting nominations for the Distinguished Service Award. Nominees must be employees who have consistently contributed outstanding service and commitment to NOAA and/or to NOAA BIG to promote excellence in the workplace. The award will be presented to the recipient(s) during the June 19, 2013 Juneteenth Black History program.

For details on eligibility and nomination procedures, go to: http://noaabig.org/docs/NOAAChapterBlG_DSA_2013Procedures.pdf

Please note that all nomination packages must be submitted by C.O.B. on May 24, 2013.

For official memorandum, go to: http://noaabig.org/docs/MEMORANDUMFORDSA2013.pdf

The NOAA BIG Chapter encourages you to help recognize NOAA BIG members with distinguished service during our upcoming Black History program. If you have any questions about this award and the nomination process, please contact Anthony Robinson at 301-713-1892 extension 145 or Anthony.Robinson@noaa.gov.