NOAA BIG Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #53209)

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) annual charity drive has started.

Please contribute to NOAA BIG CFC #53209. Click here to donate

a. Contributions can be made for as little as $1 per pay period to 2% or more to qualify for double eagle pin

b. Economic times are tough, but that’s all the more reason to give. If it’s hard for our families just consider how rough it is for NOAA BIG.

c. We would like to have 100% participation.

d. Go to 24/7

e. Click on Donate Now e-Giving

f. Log in with email address and create a minimum 8 character password

g. Click on DOC/NOAA/Line Office

h. Donations can be made by paperless payroll; credit card; debit card; or electronic check pledge for Federal employees

i. Others can do one time donations online or paper, but cannot do it through payroll deductions.

j. Click on email link and start a new pledge

k. Click NOAA BIG CFC #53209; add to basket; checkout

l. Type in pledge dollar amount or percentage

m. Please type contact information so that we can monitor participation

n. Thanks in advance for your generosity and for thinking NOAA BIG